Monday, April 11, 2011

Ladies: I bet you can't wait to get your hands on these designer MaxiPads!

Finally, a designer option for the feminine-hygiene-fashion-forward crowd!

Earlier this week U by Kotex launched a collaborative contest with costume designer Patricia Field, inviting people to redesign the maxi pad. "Girls have choices in all aspects of their lives, so why should they settle for boring and institutional feminine care products?" said the company in a statement.

Ridiculous marketing ploy? Clearly. But if you check out the 600-plus colorful maxi pad submissions the company has collected on its website since Monday and don't find yourself coveting at least some of them, you are a stronger woman than I. Among my favorites are this pad to the right, inspired by the street artist Banksy, and oddly, all the skull and crossbones biker pads, of which there are many.

Winners of the contest will be invited to work with Patricia Field (costume designer for "Sex and the City") later this year to design a pad that will be on shelves in 2012.

Want to design your own? - ubykotex

via latimes


  1. as a guy that has always tried very hard to relate to the women that have come and gone through his life. i can honestly say that this is an awesome idea. i have no idea why they hadn't been doing this for a long time. i specificaly recall one time out with my ex when we had to make and emergency run for some and for some reason she needed pads which she never wore. i think it had something to do with a bikini or maybe that was the other way around and this was because of a gyno appointment or something..... whatever. bad memory. but she instantly chose kotex color minis because they were cute. it occurred to me that even if no one but them is going to see it really many girls just enjoy being pretty for themselves. and i'm in support of anything that boosts confidence for anyone. good call kotex.

  2. ...... i put my face on one


  3. haha nice, "no limits exist on what defines an art medium."

  4. That's too awesome for it to be hidden

  5. I would totally get me these boxes! Freaking awesome, and a really great idea. As a girl I know me personally and a couple other girls just buy cause they look pretty and colorful. lol

  6. Oh my. lol
    I assume these are disposable?

  7. O.B can't stay in stock for some reason but now we have designer pads... Ohh I know this fact cause I work in retail. Also look up O.B on ebay its on the black market.