Sunday, March 27, 2011


Came across an interesting sex survey today. Post 1 of 3.

Check the statistics:

All from womens perspective:

What is the best place to meet you?
Work 9.6%
School 16.1%
Bar or club 9.2%
Internet 5.7%
Through mutual friends 53.0%
Church 0.9%
World of Warcraft 0.5%
Other 5.0%

What is the best way for a guy to break the ice?
Offer you a compliment 9.7%
Make a joke 40.6%
Introduce himself 45.9%
Start singing 'You've lost that lovin' feeling" 1.0%
Other 2.8%

What's the biggest potential turnoff when first meeting a man?
Bad hygiene 36.0%
Attention-seeking behavior 19.1%
Extreme shyness 4.3%
Off-color remarks 9.3%
"Pickup artist" tactics such as backhanded compliments 21.0%
Talk of his ex 5.5%
A sixth finger 0.8%
Other 3.9%

What is the biggest turn on when meeting a man?
Gentlemanly behavior, like opening doors 27.8%
Lots of eye contact 18.9%
He asks a lot of questions about me 11.9%
Playful teasing 37.2%
Physical contact 4.2%

What's the best indication that you're into a guy you've just met?
I touch his arm or leg during conversation 22.4%
I don't pull away if he touches me 21.3%
I play with my hair 4.8%
I laugh at everything he says 11.5%
I tease him good naturedly 38.8%
I grab his penis 1.2%

What is the best oral sex technique?
Switching up speed and pressure 27%
One that incorporate your fingers 34.3%
Making the same motion over and over, with constant speed and pressure 17.5%
I'm not fussy. Just get down there 16.5%
Other 4.7%

The most popular position with 31% of the vote, is doggie style.
Other options:
Missionary 23.8%
Girl on top 27.1%
Reverse cowgirl 2.2%
Spooning 4.7%
Standing 2.5%
69 1.6%
Other 6.1%

Should a man always pay for a first date?
Yes 49.4%
No 24.4%
Only if he expects to go on a second date 26.2%

Which celebrity is your "type"?
James Franco 38.8%
Ryan Reynolds 48.6%
Jason Schwartzman 8.6%
Kanye West 1.6%
Mark Sanchez 5.9%
DJ Pauly D 1.4%

This will be a 3-part post


  1. Awesome
    Where is this post based on?

  2. Found this in a popular magazine :D

  3. Is this a US-census? Kinda doesn't fit for Europe I guess..


  4. awesome dude! thanks for the tips :D

  5. I just agree with all .. :D and I'm man well keep posting surveys and it will be great! +followed

  6. "World of Warcraft 0.5%"

    I have a chance! Wait...

  7. Excellent. Seems about right, too. :D Followed!

  8. Excellent. Seems about right, too. :D Followed!

  9. hahahah these statistics are interesting!

  10. this is good stuff to remember!

    remember theres always room to become more alpha.

  11. Good information. I think I know what that key+lock picture represents :)

  12. I lol'd at 'World of Warcraft' as an option, I didn't know people used it as a dating medium...