Sunday, March 27, 2011

How badly could a 100 mph fastball hurt you?

According to Jon Divine, MD, the head team physician at the University of Cincinnati, being hit with a 100 mph pitch would hurt. A lot. In math-speak the force of the blow is equal to the mass of the ball, multiplied by the time it takes for the pitch to decelerate from 100 mph to zero. That's 5,600 lb.-ft. of force hitting in .05 seconds.

As far as specific body parts, taking a pitch to the temple can result in a skull fracture, injury to the brain, and potentially fatal intracranial bleeding.

But strangely, the most vulnerable area isn't your dome but the chest wall. If you're hit there at precisely the wrong moment--the brief 0.1-0.2 seconds between heartbeats--the impact can cause the heart to beat erratically and ineffectively, arrhythmia, which is often deadly.

Batter up!


  1. Whoa! poor women, ive always wondered why i never see people get nailed with a baseball on tv, cause theres so many people in the crowd, i guess it happens more than you think. ouch

  2. Holy crap! Lol, your title for this post combined with the picture was boss. I read it, pondered for a split second, then scrolled and saw pick and cringed hardcore.

    Also, wow. I figured a hit to the head would result in the most damage.

  3. I'd be pretty pissed if that happened to me. I am sure that hurt a lot.