Monday, March 28, 2011

Billionaire Spotlight: Richard Branson

Worth: $4.2 billion
Source: Virgin
Residence: London

"Asked about his passion for attacking big problems in the developing world, Branson says: 'A waiter at my game reserve, Ulusaba, in South Africa, wrote a very strong poem before he died of AIDS that had a huge impact on me. It said, AIDS is not a disease, it is a way that is on Africa.' He spent his final days expressing concern about his governments attitude on HIV and AIDS. And I felt in his honor I needed to do something. So my wife and I decided to get tested for HIV in front of everybody in order to encourage others in South Africa to do the same. Then we helped set up a public-private partnership with the US government, Anglo American Thermal Coal, Ndlovu Medical Centre and Virgin Unite. It's called the Bhubezi Community Healthcare Centre, and it's based in a small community of Mpumalanga which has about 100,000 people. The clinic provides basic health care for those suffering from TB, HIV, and AIDS."

- His space tourism venture, Virgin Galactic, recently announced a deal to fly scientists into space to carry out experiments and reseach.
-Launched US nonprofit the Carbon War Room, aiming to cut carbon emissions by getting businesses like shipping giant Maersk to pledge CO2 transparency
- With fellow billionaire Vinod Khosia, he's backing biofuels firm Gevo, which raised $107 million in February public offering


  1. I had to do a presentation on Branson for uni last semester, he's a boss. I love how he's so opposite to the norm, but he's still so successful.

  2. Swimming upstream and yet still rakes it in

  3. richard bransons ... the best businesspunk ever. he's so damn ruling!

  4. If only every insanely rich person in the world had the same ethics and morals as Richard Branson, the world would be a much better place.

  5. you gotta do ,, what you gotta do!

  6. ive seen this guy before, i didnt know he was a billionaire, lucky

  7. Richard Branson is a true self made billionaire, and a real patron of noble causes. Great guy.